About the Series:

Napoleonic Naval models are available in
1:1200 scale, 100ft = 1 inch and
1:300 scale, 25ft = 1 inch.

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The following is a brief description of the menu selection on the left.

1:1200 Ships
This is a comprehensive range of ships of the line. It includes British, French, Spanish, Dutch, Danish and American vessels. The hulls and sail sets are sold separately. This page lists the selection of hulls.

Sail Settings
With the scale 1:1200 models, there is a choice of sail settings in white metal and in photo etched brass. These are available for the different sizes of hulls. This page gives the selection of sails plus diagrams.

1:1200 Unrated
Vessels with complements of less than 20 guns - with brief descriptions of type.

1:1200 Misc.
The miscellaneous items include Ensign & Pennant sets, Ship Bases, Disabled and Non Combatant Vessels etc.

Brass Ratlines
Brass photo etched shrouds and ratlines with integral blocks. Designed to fit specific classes of vessels.

Age of Sail
This is a brief description of the rate of warships in Nelson's day and might prove useful when deciding on your 1:1200 fleet.

Named Vessels
Most vessels in the 1:1200 range are unnamed and represent whole classes of ships. For example, the 74 gun Common could be any of the 74s with a gun deck length of 168-170ft.

This 'Named Vessels' page gives a brief description of the named vessels included in the 1:1200 range of hulls, with links to colour photos.

1:1200 Buildings
The buildings and dockside are based on the city and harbour of Toulon, France, 1793 at the time of the siege. Many of the models are based on actual plans of buildings from the Maritime Museum, Paris. They complement the 1:1200 Napoleonic Ships and many are suitable for other periods.

1:1200 Photos
A gallery of photographs of 1:1200 Napoleonic vessels. You can also view named vessels on the 'Named Vessels' page.

1:300 Ships
This is a series for modellers and wargamers with more extensive modelling skills. Although the selection is limited, the detail is painstaking. A mixture of mediums is used where appropriate for the best results. For example, the shrouds and ratlines are brass photo etched from computer generated artwork, whereas the masts are in white metal.

Painting/Rigging Guide for 1:1200
A guide to assembly, painting and rigging of 1:1200 Napoleonic Naval models by Langton Miniatures. With full colour illustrations. Price £14.00. See page for details.

Signal Close Action
Wargame rules for scale 1:1200, a conventional paper set which was written by Rod Langton and introduced the innovative 'Ability Chart' which enabled large fleet actions while minimising record keeping.