Langton Miniatures' Building & Dockside Series is based on the harbour and city of Toulon, France, 1793.  The series was launched in 1993, the 200th anniversary of the siege, with the building of an 8ft x 4ft diorama to commemorate the event.

The harbour of Toulon was the greatest naval port on France's southern coast and in consequence, the base for her Mediterranean fleet. Both the city and harbour were protected by vast walls that had been redesigned and strengthened by Louis XIV's great military engineer, Vauban.

The harbour walls and jetties were impressive, containing bomb proof shelters and passages to allow troops safe access to the batteries on the seaward side of the harbour. One battery mounting twenty four 24-pounders, was set in the walls at sea level. Shore batteries at sea level were regarded by sea officers as the most formidable positions as guns firing at that hight would cause massive damage to ships trying to approach them.

The siege of Toulon is of historic importance, having had the potential of changing the course of history and averting 25 years of what became known as the Napoleonic Wars. Napoleon Bonaparte himself, at the time an artillery officer, played a key role in the military tactics employed there.

THE DIORAMA was constructed after extensive research and on the basis of plans and documented information - much of which was obtained from the Mus£e de la Marine, Paris. Many of the civic and dockside buildings were modelled using plans and fa£ades of buildings actually in Toulon in 1793.

Note the Vieille Darce (old harbour) and Nouvelle Darce (the new military harbour) and the shape of the city walls.

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Photo below:
In this section of the diorama, note the two harbours as described above.
Also, the position of the slipway and dry dock.

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Below: Plan and Model.
The models are referenced RB5 (front and rear view) and
RB8 Mast House.

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