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Captain's Log:

1 October 2020

We hope you are all keeping safe and well in this pandemic. We've been happy to hear from some of you taking the opportunity of lockdown to return to the hobby - though we wish the circumstances had been different.

It's been a long time since we've done an update. The good news with that is we didn't do any price increases. Instead, we tried to cover rise in expenditure with more economical production methods.

Although we  haven't increased our Goods prices, we are bound to increase our postage/packing charges, particularly for the USA. Royal Mail have made a major change with their International rates.  First of all, they've gone from World Zone 1 and World Zone 2 to splitting off the USA into World Zone3.

For full details, please see our Mail Order terms page. Link to Orders.

GOOD NEWS.Welcome back Rob Eubanks, USA!
Just in time as Jeff has decided to give up WaterlooMinis- which if you've been around long enough, you'll know he took over from Rob in the first place!

It's especially good news for the USA at a time when our minimum mailing prices have had to be increased to the ridiculous. Our new rate makes small orders unfeasible, but ordering through Rob, you'll get a better deal.

Rob mainly carries 1:1200 Napoleonic and some 1:1200 Ancients, but he places regular orders. So you can order anything from our lists and he won't keep you waiting too long.

THANK YOU, Jeff for carrying our flag and promoting our products.
We wish you well. Rod and Carol.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Price reduction on Serenissima rules for Renaissance.
By making the Scenario running example available as a PDF download, we are able to reduce costs. So the rule set is now £12.50 (previously £15).

Rod is selling some of his reference books, covering many subjects and periods.
The following lists have now been compiled, with more to follow.
AIRCRAFT - comprising WW1, WW2 and General Aviation History.
MARITIME BOOKS - comprising 1) Antiquarian & Collectors; 2) General

Assembling and Painting the 1:300 Scale HMS VICTORY
Dr Kerry Jang of Vancouver, Canada, has sent us photos of his finished model, as well as some of the work in progress.
Thanks for the numerous requests for a list of vessels at this battle and the corresponding hull references from our Scale 1:1200 series. If you click on the the bold heading to this paragraph, it will take you to that information.



The Fourth Edition Package includes:

Main Rule Book - with full colour laminated cover - takes you through setting up game and core game;
Appendices Booklet with Optional Advanced Play features and Glossary;
Separate Playsheets including Ability Chart, Speed and Gunnery Charts. Also, Card Compass, Attitude to Wind Indicators, Firing Arc Indicator etc .
6 x six-sided Coloured Dice.

Ref: PUB8

PRICE: £23.00 plus p/p as follows:
UK - £3.50; Europe - £6.50; Worldwide (all zones) - £10.00

What's new about Fourth Edition?
It being the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar, I was inspired to produce - not just an update of previous editions, but an enhanced game, smoother, with more fluid movement and ability for vessels.

The Ability Chart remains fundamental to the game - particularly as it cuts down on the need for excessive dice throwing and record keeping. This time however, there are more dice and they play critical roles. In the past, if you had a 'bad throw', all your actions were affected by that same dice score. With Fourth Edition, the dice are colour coded, with one being 'common' to all. The score of the Common dice is added to the dice relating to the various actions.

Other new innovations include the division of a player's part of Turn into two segments and Reloading of the guns, so that the time scale of actions are more realistic. The actual Firing rules are not changed noticeably but there are new separate charts for firing at Unrated vessels.

Finally, the format has changed and Carol has done a brilliant job on the layout which makes the rules much easier to navigate. The main rule book takes you through setting up a game and the core game. There are distinct pointers to where a section has an advanced play option and many of the pages have a little 'Quick Ref' box which picks up the actions mentioned on that page and gives you the cross reference page number.

About Signal Close Action - Fast Play and 4th Edition
4th Edition Errata
4th Edition Feedback - Q&A
4th Edition After Action Reports
Check out the SCA pages in our Napoleonic Naval section for Q&A and Feedback. Thanks to players in France, particularly Olivier Dufour for writing in 'after action reports' describing their club games - scenarios, action during the game and results.



greatbrC.gif (9686 bytes)

Paul Sulley of Tumbling Dice are taking Langton Miniatures to the shows!

To contact Tumbling Dice (Paul Sulley): Telephone 0115 926 8800.  Fax 0115 966 3148.


Scale 1:1200 model of FORT CHAPUS
Fort Chapus, also known as Fort Louvois, was built in 1691 to protect the port of Rochefort.  The fortification was constructed on an islet off the coast of France. The model is suitable for 18th & 19th century dioramas and wargaming.

The kit comprises:
(RESIN ) Fort complex incorporating gun platform; castle; officers' accommodation; lighthouse tower.
(METAL) Flag pole, 8 large calibre cannons, 6 smaller guns, sentry post, steps, entry way.
The boxed kit includes a diagram of the fort layout and side elevation.

Fort Chapus Kit.  Price: £20.00


Late 19th C.

Order Ref: FE1
Chinese Sea Going Junk of Canton Area. Price £8.00
Used for Coastal, Trading, Fishing and Piracy. Kit comprises metal hull and fittings and
brass photo etch sails.

Order Ref: FE2
Portuguese Lorcha: Price £8.00
Fast vessel used for trade and to control piracy. Kit comprises metal hull and fittings and brass photo etch sails.


naum.gif (16778 bytes)

Printed copies are no longer available. You can download it in pdf format (no charge) from this site, but please be aware that the main rule book is a very large file. Go to the Naumachiae page for the links.


bkcover.jpg (34354 bytes)

Assembly, Painting & Rigging of Napoleonic Naval Models
in Scale 1:1200. A booklet by Langton Miniatures.
Price: £14.00 plus p/p

Click on image for more details

Download for free here.
Anglo-Dutch Painting & Rigging Guide V1.pdf



Follow links for more detailed info.

International Availability: Our products are available in a number of countries, check this link for details.

CLEAR FOR ACTION by Malcolm Smalley. Remember those computer assisted wargame rules? We're pleased to announce that it is possible to transfer your copy to a new PC. For help in doing so, contact

Napoleonic 1:300 scale Models by John Westwood. Photos.

Thanks Larry, for the wonderful photos of the different stages of construction of our Napoleonic Naval 1:300 scale models. Also, for your photos of models from the new Great Lakes Series.


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