Renaissance Galleys -
Warships of the Mediterranean 1500-1700 - Scale 1:1200

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A selection of models which we have assembled and painted.
Note the individual oars. These are attached to a spru which
fits directly on to the hull.


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Ref: REN6 Moslem Galley


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Ref: REN14 Carrack


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Model with (brass) sails set.
With curved poop deck awning support.


ren4.jpg (58542 bytes)
With brass sails set, yards painted red
Note another style of poop deck awning decoration.


ren2.jpg (65652 bytes)
With metal furled sails.
This model shows an angled poop deck awning support.

ren2b.jpg (64487 bytes)
Another view of above model.


ren3.jpg (51271 bytes)
With red and white painted oars and masts.

ren3b.jpg (48844 bytes)
Another view of above model

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