SERENISSIMA - Naval Wargame Rules for the 16th century Period, covering the period between the Battle of Prevesa in 1538 and the Battle of Lepanto in 1571.

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We've made the running example mentioned below available as a free pdf download and have accordingly reduced the price.

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The rule package includes the booklet - wire bound, with laminated cover -   plus playsheets and 'cut outs' (compass, turning aids etc) and a 'running example' (a walk through scenario illustrating various rule mechanisms). The rule book includes a full list of vessels; a description of each; an example fleet list; and for those who would like more information on the period, the appendix includes some historical notes and a list of recommended reading material.

The rules allow for battles under oars, under sail, or a combination of the two and cater for anything from a single ship up to large fleet actions. Rod's Ability Chart system  is used - a tried and tested method of reducing dice throwing and paperwork.

Serenissima is designed to be user friendly and easy to understand. The rules give an authentic result with a reasonably short time and include all the aspects of warfare at sea during the Renaissance period.

As was the case at the time, warfare 'under oars' predominates. However, should players wish, mechanisms exist to allow their vessels to go into action under sail or a combination of sail and oar.

Statistics for all the main vessels of the peiod, whether oared, sailed or combined, are covered, so players have a wide choice as to the composition of their fleets.

Serenissima is a full, as opposed to a fast play rule set. However, it was felt unnecessary to give comprehensive sailing attitudes for vessels under sail. Their rudimentary sail plans meant that unless the wind was favourable (generally from the quarter or astern), they tended to anchor to await better conditions.

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