World War 1 Coastal Series -
Ships, Flying Boats and Floatplanes
by Langton Miniatures

In Scale 1:200, 16ft = 1 inch.

The boxed kits include diagram/assembly instructions, water slide decals, and a
colour photo of a finished model.

Sablatnig SF2
Price of kit: £12.50

sf2.jpg (90120 bytes)

The Sablatnig SF2 - 26 of these unarmed, two seat reconnaisance and coastal patrol aircraft were made from June 1916. They were equipped with a radio, had a maximum speed of 81.25mph and a ceiling of 4,920ft.

They were ofen used for training and most German pilots would have been familiar with the Sablatnig's controls



Fairey Campania
Price of kit: £16.50

fairey.jpg (88158 bytes)

This two seat, reconnaisance aircraft had the distinction of being the first plane ever designed for carrier operation. Her wings were able to be folded backwards for stowage when required, making it easier for shipboard operation. The Campania took off from the vessel's deck on a jettisonable trolley and was recovered from the sea by hoist after her flight.

The Campania's first flight was in February 1917. By October 1918, Britain had 42 Campanias in operation on seaplane carriers or naval air stations.

Armed with one Lewis gun on a scarff mounting in the rear cockpit and with racks for two 100lb bombs beneath the wings, the Campania had a max speed of 80.5mph, a ceiling of 5,500ft and an endurance of 3 hours.


Albatros W4
118 of these single seat aircraft saw service from September 1916. They were used mainly for local station defence around Borkum and Zeebrugge. They were faster, more manoeuvrable and better armed than the British floatplanes of the time (though not a match for the well armed RNAS flying boats).

W4's had a speed of 100mph, could reach a ceiling of 9,840ft and were armed with two fixed Spandau machine guns synchronised to fire through the airscrew.

w4.jpg (97830 bytes)

Price of kit: £12.00
(incl brass photo etch fittings)


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